Three Enchanting Events: A Resin and Dice Vendor's Journey

Three Enchanting Events: A Resin and Dice Vendor's Journey

Witches Night Out: Magic in the Air

Witches Night Out at Burger Farms, provided the perfect backdrop for a fun night filled with mystery and excitement. Attendees, decked out in enchanting witch costumes, enjoyed our resin and new 3D offerings. The magical atmosphere and shared love for the mystical made this event a truly memorable experience.

Fall Festival: A Harvest of Joy

At the Fall Festival, families and friends sought unique gifts for the season. The sense of camaraderie and the joy of the season made this event heartwarming. Trying new local honey flavors was an added treat!

CinCity Con: A Gamer's Paradise

CinCity Con, a TTGconvention, was a blast. Engaging with avid gamers and introducing newcomers to custom dice was a thrill. We also debuted our Dragons Treasure spins which were a big seller! The infectious energy of this convention proved that the power of creativity and shared interests knows no bounds. We enjoyed talking with customers, meeting other vendors, and making new connections!

In Conclusion: A Memorable Journey

Vending at Witches Night Out, the Fall Festival, and CinCity Con was an unforgettable journey. These events allowed me to connect with different communities, each with its unique charm. I'm grateful for the experiences and the people I met along the way, and I can't wait for the next magical gathering.


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