Unveiling the Resin Wonderland: Our 2024 Expo Journey

Unveiling the Resin Wonderland: Our 2024 Expo Journey

In 2024, join us on an exciting journey as we showcase an array of enchanting resin accessories, handcrafted resin dice, and an assortment of 3D printed treasures at various expos throughout the year.

  1. Super Cincy Expo - Sharonville Convention Center (April 5-7): Kickstarting our adventure, we'll be at the Sharonville Convention Center from April 5-7, ready to unveil a world of meticulously crafted resin wonders. Get ready to dive into the mesmerizing universe of our creations and go back in to your favorite retro video game!

  2. Queen City Pop - Duke Energy Center (April 27):

    Continuing the resin extravaganza, we'll be at the Duke Energy Center on April 27th for the Queen City Pop event. Immerse yourself in the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship as we showcase our hand-made resin dice and other unique offerings.

  1. Anime Ohio - Sharonville Convention Center (June 21-23): Join us in June at the Sharonville Convention Center for Anime Ohio, where we'll bring forth a blend of resin artistry and anime-inspired delights. Explore our booth and discover the perfect accessories to complement your anime enthusiasm.

  2. Cleveland Gaming Classic - Cleveland OH (September 21-22): As the year unfolds, mark your calendars for September 21-22, when we'll be part of the Cleveland Gaming Classic in Cleveland, Ohio. Delve into a realm of gaming-themed resin creations, artisan dice, and 3D printed goodies that will elevate your gaming experience.


Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and surprises as we embark on a journey to share our passion for resin artistry and creativity throughout these captivating expos in 2024. Join us and let the resin magic unfold!

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