Here you will find frequently asked questions about our product offerings, we are always happy to answer any additional questions through our chat function or via email.  

Are Resin Earrings Heavy? 

Resin based earrings are a great solution for those (like us) who have sensitive ears that cant handle much weight. Resin earrings, especially our small and regular size studs are very light. Even many of our dangle earrings offer statement piece aesthetics without being overly heavy like their conventional counterparts. 

What is a shaker? 

Shaker pieces have cavities in the shapes that are filled with a variety of inclusions and glitters. These are then sealed to create a “shaker”. A shaker charm can be dry - inclusions are not suspended in anything and a more auditory experience when shaking, or wet - inclusions suspended in a liquid creating a more smoother visual experiences. 

What is a phone grip?

A phone grip attaches to your phone via sticking it onto the back of your case. The adhesive is already on any grip purchased. The grip can then be popped out and used to hold your phone or as a stand. 

D&D Dice Balance Questions

Are your dice balanced?

The only fully "balanced" dice are dice made for casinos in hermetically sealed chambers to stop any air from getting into them. Even then those dice are swapped out every 20 minutes. Resin pigments, glitter, foil, flowers, and other small light inclusions will have such a minuscule impact on the weight of the die that it will not affect the randomness of your rolls. Larger inclusions are made with resin (unless otherwise stated) to match the density of the die and will have no impact on your rolls.

I saw a video on YouTube that you can test your dice in saltwater? Do you test your dice?

No. Not only do I not have time to test all of my dice, but this test is also wildly inaccurate and doesn't take into account the effect of the sides and the surface you are rolling on. Even

"unbalanced" dice will still give you random results.

My DM won't allow handmade dice unless I can prove they are balanced. Is there a way to do that?

Your DM sounds real fun. My advice would be to get a new DM.